Highs and Lows

07 June 2010

Low: Sam was super sick today. He’s had a runny nose and a cough recently that we had determined were allergy related (we deduced this scientifically – he went outside and it immediately got worse). Then last night his voice started getting hoarse like he had a sore throat which we also decided was probably allergy related. He didn’t sleep well last night after that. He didn’t actually wake up much but he was especially squirmy and rolled around the bed a lot like he couldn’t get comfortable.Then this morning he threw up. Not a ton, and I thought it could just be a result of all the mucus he had built up. But I also realized that Sam hadn’t really eaten much for his last several meals and had opted to play with his food instead. While this isn’t atypical behavior for Sam it was for that length of time. So I knew he definitely wasn’t feeling well, and just snuggled him and let him sleep on my lap. After a few more hours he woke up and suddenly puked the entire contents of his stomach onto me and my rocking chair. I had no idea that tiny body could contain that much volume! I quickly mopped off the chair and got Sam in the tub before realizing that I was also covered in puke and should probably remedy that. That was the only major puking incidence of the day but Sam was pretty miserable for the rest of the day as well and now has a fever! Poor little bean 🙁

High: My ward is awesome! After posting on facebook that Sam was sick I got two offers from people to pick stuff up for me at the grocery store and another offer to bring me some diapers in Sam’s size (especially helpful since Sam was also spewing out the other end). I was so touched by these wonderful examples of Christlike service. I’m really going to be sad to leave this ward.

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  1. Hi Brittny,
    Just so you are aware, we all had terrible headaches a couple of days after the vomiting stopped, so if Sam is grumpy try some pain reliever.
    and… prepare to get it yourself. 🙁

    1. thanks for the heads up, it is definitely good to know what to expect. and i already got it, i am only just feeling well enough to even look at the computer.

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