Best Home Teachers Ever!

Just in case anyone was wondering… I have the best home teachers ever! I knew this before but today re-confirmed that.

Today was Valentine’s Day and there are two ways of looking at how I spent my day. First way – I had backstage passes to a show where I saw men in their underwear.

Of course, the other way to look at it is that I was stuck in Young Ambassadors rehearsal all night (and since I work backstage on the guys side of the stage…). But my home teachers totally made my day. First of all I received a text message from Alan Sheffield just to wish me a happy valentine’s day. Alan’s text messages always make my day. They’re usually short but just sincere and simple and they just always make me feel good that someone thought of me. So that made me way happy. And then I came home for the quick break I had for dinner for YAs today and ran into Blake Rule on his way to my apartment. He had pink roses for each of the girls in my apartment, already in vases with the little rocks in the bottom and notes from him and Alan! I felt so loved! It really just made my entire day! But yeah, my home teachers are the coolest ever. I’m sooo blessed. I just wish I had pictures of my home teachers to throw in here too. I’ll have to find a way to remedy that ASAP.

Tell me your thoughts :)