Brittny – 01 September 2009: Ferber Method Day 1

Low: Listening to my baby cry for 4 hours and only being allowed to comfort him about every 10 minutes. Then comforting him… making him happy again… and then leaving him to cry some more. I feel like the worst mother ever 🙁

High-ish: Sam is finally asleep in his Pack ‘n Play and hopefully will stay that way for a few hours. Unfortunately, now that he’s asleep there I feel like I ought to pick him up and hold him and hug him and apologize for letting him cry so much. Yeah, not much of a high, I feel like poop.

Thanks Cody and Kyle and everyone who’s praying for Sam to learn to sleep on his own. I didn’t want to resort to the Ferber method but I can’t get anything done all day because Sam will only sleep on me or Eric or another warm body (and most of the day I’m the only warm body to be had). I truly appreciate all the support from our family in this.

Tell me your thoughts :)