Highs and Lows

Brittny – 07 April 2009

Low – Samuel was upset from 10pm until 1:30am. We tried changing his diaper, playing, rocking, bouncing, music, vibrating chair, burping, dancing, swaddling, leaving him alone and a lot of other things. Nothing would get him back to being contented and going to sleep. It’s hard listening to that cute kid cry and not be able to make it better!

High – At 1:30am we decided to take off his sleep sack and try feeding him… again (he’d only been fed like 6 times in the few hours previous to this :P). That calmed him down so that Eric could go to bed. He ate rather noncommittally for the next hour. He’d eat some, fall asleep, wake up, eat a little more, fall asleep again, get startled, eat some more etc. Finally at 2:30am I was convinced that he was really asleep. So I took my little boy in just his diaper and a receiving blanket and went to bed. When I woke up next… it was light in our room and the clock said 7:45am – I got 5 straight hours of sleep!! Hooray for babies that will sleep for 5 hours at a time!!

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