Brittny – 10 January 2010

Low: Being *really* tired this morning. Between our alarm going off I dreamed that Eric and I were in a special husbands-and-wives unit of the army. But we’d just been transferred to another base that was two hours away from where we lived. We realized that with 9am church that meant that we’d have to get up at 6am to get all ready and back to our ward in time. We were really conflicted as far as what we should do because we were supposed to be teaching Sunday School (which we really were), but since we hadn’t gotten to bed before 2am we would be really tired and that was a long trek. So we were about to email our friends in the ward to see if they would teach the lesson we had prepared…. when I woke up to the alarm for reals. We weren’t any less tired than we were in the dream but twenty-five minutes later we were all up, dressed, with dinner in the crockpot and out the door to church. Ick, not a great way to start the day.

High: Because church is so early we have ALL afternoon to nap… which we did. Also, this was a really productive weekend! I got a few things checked off of my task list which have been on there for months. That felt good. Additionally: we got the apartment all cleaned up, I got my New Year’s Resolutions posted, Sam slept on his own on the futon for a couple of short naps, I got to spend time with Eric, I got another offer for a freelance job, I got my hair cut and I have my task list ready for the new week. Yay for the weekend! Although, I am excited to start another week too, I like getting things done and being productive 🙂

Tell me your thoughts :)