Brittny – 10 May 2009

Low – I put some clothes in the washing machine last night for us to wear to church today. I was going to put them in the dryer when I woke up to feed Sam in the middle of the night. Great plan, except Sam didn’t wake up in the middle of the night so I ended up wearing a mostly damp undershirt to church today – brrrr!

High – Uhm, did you not just read?!? Sam slept through the night last night! Don’t worry, I’m not counting on this being an every night thing, but that was the best Mother’s Day present ever! Well, at least it’s right there in the running with what Eric bought me – a mobile that doesn’t require cranking (Hooray! My fingers have literally developed callouses from cranking Sam’s current mobile so much!) Thanks Eric!

However, the real high for today was having a wonderful mother. I feel so blessed to have mom as one of my best friends and a great example of living the gospel. I hope that I can emulate her as I raise my own children. Thanks Mom for being a pillar of strength, caring and righteousness in our family! Happy Mother’s Day!

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