Brittny – 18 September 2009

I don’t want to post lows. So I’m not going to, neener neener.

Highs: I listened to a book this week that I really enjoyed. I felt a little bit guilty for spending so much time listening when I probably should have been paying more attention to playing with Sam (which isn’t to say I neglected him, but my attention was probably more split than it could have been). Sometimes I forget just how much I love reading.

However, my big high for today was taking a walk with Eric… around our living room. As dumb as that may sound it was really great to just get to talk with him and spend some time with him (Sam was asleep, but Eric wasn’t feeling too well so he wanted to walk). It’s funny how we always seem to wait until late at night when we need to be asleep before taking the time to just talk to each other, but it’s always time well spent.

Tell me your thoughts :)