Brittny – 25 August 2009

Low: Trying to get a project done for a client that was rather hot and bothered that it get done tonight. In a tool that I hate, but am apparently the “expert” from our company on it. Eww gross.

High: Taylor made cake for her birthday that I didn’t get to have last night… but I got to have some today! It is incredible! I know this makes two days in a row that Taylor’s cooking has been my high… but she’s a really good cook, so you shouldn’t be surprised.

Also, I got to ride on the scooter with Eric after dropping our car off to get maintenance done on it. It was only my third time on the scooter and it was more fun this time because I was not pregnant like I was the last two times. Plus, we went on the freeway, which was kinda fun to see the scooter get to go that fast!

Tell me your thoughts :)