Highs and Lows

Brittny – 26 May 2009

Low: I know this sounds uncreative, but I wish Eric was here with Sam and me in New York. We’re definitely looking forward to having him here on Thursday!!

High: Kyle prayed and Sam was excellent on the plane rides! Yay for Kyle’s prayers 🙂 It’s also so awesome being back in NY after 9 years. I’m really liking seeing the Clarks again, especially since I practically lived here when I was growing up. I’m really looking forward to getting to see more friends that I haven’t seen in a long time (and really good friends, obviously, if I can still call them friends after not seeing them for such a long time!). Plus, I get to see the whole family (except Eric 🙁 ) in the morning! I like our family!! This is going to be a great trip 🙂

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