Brittny – 27 April 2009

Low: Eric came home from work tonight and Samuel woke up. So he was walking around with him and playing with him to keep him happy. Then Eric needed to do something so he handed Samuel off to me. Samuel proceeded to scream bloody murder until Eric took him back 🙁 I promise I don’t abuse him! Samuel is decidedly a daddy’s boy (although, on the positive side, I am extremely glad that he does love his daddy so much)

High: Eric has been done with school since Thursday so we’ve had him home a lot more! I really like having him at home during the days. We’ve gotten a lot done, our entire apartment cleaned up and kept in order for one thing 🙂 It’s wonderful to have a clean apartment, and to feel like we’re going to be able to keep it up! But more exciting than having a clean apartment is just getting to see my husband. Somehow I don’t feel like I’ve seen him very much since we got married 😛

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