This evening my roommates’ home teachers came over. I really hit it off with one of them. Like really hit it off, as in I don’t think he hardly talked to my roommates (whose home teacher he is) and we had fun talking about fun linguistics-y things, and books and he seems really cool. One problem… he has a girlfriend. Granted, she is currently in Spain on a study abroad. But he did kinda say that they were thinking they’d get married like April. Not like officially engaged or anything… but there’s that understanding. My roommates and mom say I should go for it anyways, but… I don’t like the idea of going after a guy that’s taken. Granted, I don’t do much to “go after” guys anyways, so whatever. I would really like to get to know him better though. He seems like a great guy and I hope we can be friends.

Aside from that, I need to vent for half a second. I really am not getting into my new ward. I’m trying. Really and honestly truly, I want to make this ward as good as my old ward. It’s just so different. I really don’t feel like I know the people in my ward. Ok, wait, understatement- I don’t even know what our ward boundaries are. And they have a weird system for visiting teaching that I am TOTALLY not digging. Instead of having visiting teachers and visiting teachees… we have visiting teaching groups. It’s really awkward to me. It really feels like it takes away a lot of the purpose of visiting teaching. There’s no one that I’m looking out for, and no one really looking out for me. In principle I can see where they’re coming from and why it’s a good idea… but… I really don’t like it. I’ll support it if it’s the program we’re running but…. yeah, don’t like it.

Anyways, tomorrow is YA retreat and I need to get some sleep tonight because I definitely won’t get any tomorrow. Good night! 🙂

Tell me your thoughts :)