I have a flight at 7am which I’m leaving for at 4am… so I should have been asleep hours ago… but I’m not and I wanted to post this before I forgot it.

My roommate is out in our front room watching some inane TV show about the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders tryouts. I honestly think it’s one of the most disgusting shows I have ever seen and shows a lot of the problems with society today and what they try to make women into. However, that’s not what I wanted to post about. In the episode she was watching a girl gets cut from the team on the last day of training. After months of hard work she finds out that all that she’s done has been for nothing. However, she walks out saying that she completely understands, that she’s grateful for the experience and just says thank you for all of the training she has received. I was really impressed. It got me to thinking… class is being able to do things that are unpleasant graciously. To be able to take rejection and be pleasant about it, that’s what real class is about.

Who would have thought that anyone could gain something insightful from a girl sitting in a business office in a sports bra and spandex booty shorts?

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