Wow… I am falling hard and I am falling fast…

So, on Sunday night I sent a quick IM to my friend Paul about something I’d found online. His roommate Eric responded instead and we started talking. Eric and I know each other reasonably well, I’ve been over to Paul’s apartment several times and we’d always talk and Eric was usually the most hospitable of any of the roommates, including those I know really well. Anyways, he always seemed to have some sort of female interest so as much as I thought he was a really cool guy I didn’t pursue things any further. Anyways, back to Sunday night. So we were chatting and through the course of events he asked me on a date for Friday night. I accepted and we continued talking for awhile before we both had to go to bed. Then Monday night Paul IMed me and started asking me some things and gave me Eric’s screen name and suggested that the two of us talk. So, we did… for an hour and a half. We kept saying we were going to go to bed but it was such good conversation that neither of us wanted to break it off. We found a TON of things we had in common. Finally he really did have to go to bed and so we said good night and promised that we would talk again sometime soon. Naturally today I was excited all day at that prospect. I had a very difficult time focusing on things away from my computer on the off-chance that I would miss him being online. Finally while I was in Julie’s room watching a TV show with her I couldn’t contain myself and I opened up GMail on her computer… to find that he was indeed online. I was probably very rude *sorry Julie!* and left pretty quick to go back to my computer. We started talking again around 11pm and continued until almost 2am. I feel kinda bad because he has 8am class so there’s no way he’s getting more than 6 hours of sleep tonight. But he keeps assuring me it’s worth it. Anyways, I don’t want to jump to conclusions too fast or anything, but I definitely like him a fair amount. We’ll see where it goes. But, man, I’d kinda forgotten what it feels like to like a guy like this. It’s been awhile. I like it 🙂

Although, I won’t lie, it’s scaring me half to death. I haven’t really let myself like a guy who could like me back in a while. Actually, maybe what’s scaring me is how little it’s scaring me. I haven’t opened up this quickly to someone in quite some time but it seems like it’s ok anyways. I don’t know. I’ll take it as it comes. It’s not like I’m in so deep that I’ll be crushed if nothing comes of it, I’m really just enjoying myself right now, but I’m definitely starting to like him… a lot. 🙂

Tell me your thoughts :)