First Entry

This weekend was fairly productive for once.  Not necessarily in an academic sense but I got a lot done.  Friday night Tiffany and I finally made it off campus for some real food *hallelugiah*.  We went to Jacintos for some top notch Mexican food.  *sigh* it was sooo good.  I love Mexican food and just about anything was better than going to the Cannon Center one more time or eating another Subway sub.  They’re good and all… but you can only take so much.  Anyways, after dinner (which was at about 9pm by the time we got out of the dorms… totally my fault) we went to the dollar theater and saw one of the best movies I think I’ve ever seen in my life.  Anyone out there who has not yet seen Mona Lisa Smile needs to get their act together and go see it.  Especially if you like movies like Swing Kids or Dead Poets’ Society it’s a must see.  I liked it better than either of those two movies (I know, blasphemous to say) because most of those movies at the end they say that to be “right” you have to go against society.  That society is always wrong and has no value and you have to go completely anti-society and what they say to be “free”.  And there is some value to breaking free of the norms of society, but I really liked how it was presented in this film.  They made it clear that, no you don’t have to fit in with what society expects of you to be fulfilled in life, but that society’s norms do have value nonetheless.  I just really liked it all the way around.

Singles’ Awareness Day (aka, Valentine’s Day) was my really productive day.  Tiffany and I went apartment shopping and ordered pizza.  Then Jeremy called her to see if she wanted to play pool *ooOOoo* jk!  So I was left to my own devices for the remainder of the evening *mwahahahaha*  It was really good because I finally got my laundry done, vaccuumed our room, emptied the trash, cleaned our sink, washed our mirror (the first time all semester for the latter four) and took a shower.  Not exactly what one would call romantic, but it was very good at the end of the night to look and see, wow, I got so much accomplished!  I think I need to have Saturday nights like that more often.

Today was just church and ward council.  Nothing extraordinarily exciting happened, but it was good.  This is going to be a crazy week.  The Young Ambassadors are in the DeJong Theater on campus so we have set up and rehersals all week.  Starting tomorrow, at 11am, set up ’till like 7pm.  I’m basically living at the theater every evening from 5pm till… late… possibly midnightish.  Joy of joys.  😛  No, I really am excited, I love YAs more than anything else, it’s just going to be pretty crazy.

11 more days until we start our tour to Southern California!!  😀

Tell me your thoughts :)