Geek Girls! :)

My friend Erin sent me a link to this blog that she’d been reading about Geek Girls. I thought the entry was A-Mazing as is the conversation afterwards. Sometimes it’s tough being a geek girl. Geek Girls Blog I agreed with pretty much everything Oracle Goddess (the blogger) wrote, and even more so with the stuff that TuxGirl wrote. My favorite quote was from her: “In my experience, most geek guys see geek girls either only as geek, or only as girl… It’s really nice to find a geek who can appreciate my geekiness and the fact that I’m a girl.” Sooo true. You have to be “one of the guys” to be accepted as a geek… but then you have to still retain your girl-ness to be attractive. It’s a no win situation. Just when you feel like you’ve won, you’ve finally been accepted into the guys as an equal, you are no longer considered a girl. Which, maybe means that we shouldn’t be trying to infiltrate the guys in the first place. I enjoy the geek computer, technical stuff, and I hate being talked down to because of my gender. However, it’s tough to prove yourself to someone both as a geek, and as a girl. I guess I run into this problem more on tech crew than as a computer geek. I’m not good enough with computers to have fully proved myself in that arena. However, I work hard to try and pull my own weight as a theater technician, and I end up being attracted to those guys because… they’re awesome, and I spend a ton of time with them, and I like them as guys and I can talk to them as technicians. *sigh* Just a fact of life for us geek girls. Oh well.

Tell me your thoughts :)