It’s about dang time!!

I have a firm belief that everyone should update every three months or so…

For anyone out there wondering, I’ve been spending my summer developing a website for my dad’s company (check it out – it’s far from exciting but I made it so it’s exciting to me.)

I also bought a car this last weekend- YEAH! My first car ever. It’s not a very exciting car but it’s mine. It’s a 2000 Kia Sephia. It’s white with power… nothing. That’s right, no power windows, locks or even brakes. It’s a party in a box. But I love it because… hey, who doesn’t love having their own car? Maybe I’ll post some pictures… but it’s late at night and I want to go to bed and not spend time tonight taking pictures of it.

I’m still looking for somewhere to live up at school this next year but hopefully I will be able to sort that out in the next week or so. Kinda stressing about it, and kinda just not even thinking about it.

Other than that, really nothing is going on in my life. I’ve had times of being bored out of my mind… but that’s about as exciting as it gets. Which… is probably why I haven’t posted. There isn’t really anything to say. I’m doing alright, just going from day to day. Hope y’all are hanging in there alright.

Tell me your thoughts :)