Wow, I’ve gotten really addicted to updating this. But it’s really nice, I like it better than writing in my normal journal because I don’t feel as pressured to write something important, my hands are more used to typing than writing, and I feel like I can write more or less and it doesn’t really matter. I guess there’s something kinda impermanent about a Live Journal versus a paper journal that makes it so I feel more like I can talk about whatever. Really poor logic, but oh well.

I went to my history class for the first time today, and it was really good. The professor looks like she’s going to be awesome. I was able to buy my books before heading to the institute for my breakfast (a beef burrito) and a talking to from Anthony. Unfortunately, it was kinda a brief sum up of a talking to rather than an actual talking to so we’ll have to finish it some other time. I made it to Mervyn’s on time for truck unload *yay!* I really like working on truck because I really feel like I’m becoming part of a group of people rather than just hiding out in the dark abyss that we call the lingerie fitting room 😛 Taylor’s sweet sixteen party was tonight. It was pretty cool, they totally decorated the backyard with lights and stuff. Food was great (especially after a long day at work).

Oh! The new new cell phones came today, which was also exciting. I like them a lot.

I’m starting to see how this semester is going to come together. I think I’m going to be able to handle it. In fact, it’s almost shaping up to be fun. Today while I was at Moorpark College I ran into a bunch of different people that I knew and it was just really cool. It’ll be good to get to catch up with them again. I’m still missing Robert like crazy, but I think I’ll make it through.

Well, I’m totally exhausted and I’m starting work at Mervyns’ at 7am… a mere 5 hours from now. So it’s off to bed i go.

Smiles ‘n sunshine,

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