Little brothers

Hey Everybody!

I just thought I would share a conversation that I had with my sister earlier tonight. The only important background to know is this: Kyle is my 7 year old brother, Rachel is my aunt who recently got married, and Ben is a friend on a mission.

[10:39 PM] Tate: kyle wants to marry you
[10:39 PM] *** Auto-response sent to Tate: Hey Tate! I’m running over to the Elms. I should be back in not too long. Feel free to leave me a message or call the cell 805.279.0765 Tchau! 🙂
[10:39 PM] Tate: just thought id give you the heads up
[10:39 PM] Tate: and sister sycamore tol
d ben that you were married
[10:40 PM] Tate: she got you and rachel confused
[10:41 PM] Tate: he is coming home in three weeks so we think you should call him and ask him out
[10:41 PM] Tate: that would really freak him out

[10:47 PM] Me: well at least someone does 😛
[10:47 PM] *** Auto-response from Tate: scholarship essays…..going to be working on this for awhile unless everyone wants to give me ten bucks or start a fund for me to go to college
[10:47 PM] Me: now… what made kyle decide that he wanted to marry me???
[11:19 PM] Tate: uhm we were reading about abraham and sarah and how they were half brother and sister
[11:19 PM] Tate: and kyle was like thats cool you could marry your sister
[11:19 PM] Tate: and so i was like why is that cool who would you marry? and he said you

What would I do without little brothers? 😛

Tell me your thoughts :)