Major changes

Ok kids, I did it, I really did change my major. Granted that was like… eons ago… but I figured I should probably confirm that I did it. I am now a Linguistics major with a minor in Computers and the Humanities. Yeah, what I started in nearly two years ago. But, whatever, I’m happy, I’m almost a senior… at least as soon as the semester is over! Also it means that I’ve got a major that allows me to study all the things I want to. English, Computers, ASL, French. Plus, since I have few enough requirements remaining that I could graduate next year… but I don’t really have any need to… I can spend extra time taking things that I just like… Young Ambassadors, Theater classes, CS classes, Public speaking etc. Anyways, I’m totally jazzed about my new major and felt like sharing. I should probably get back to the class that convinced me to change my major (ELang 223)

Tell me your thoughts :)