Rachel Stutz is my hero!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Rachel Stutz is my hero!! This week has been a little bit rough with all I’ve been doing with Young Ambassadors. It’s been especially difficult the last couple days because I ran out of bread and tortillas and didn’t really have anything easy to eat, and not time to make something more complex. Nothing major, I haven’t been starving or anything (I don’t want anyone to worry that I’m going anorexic), I just have had to think a little harder about what to make with combinations of food that don’t go together. Then today when I got to dance class there was Rachel with a grocery sack and food that’s all prepared to last me through tomorrow! Plus she wrote me a nice note to wish me luck tonight. I was so touched!

I’ve been realizing all over again this week how very blessed I have been. For the first time since being at BYU I really feel like I have good friends that I try to look out for and that look out for me in return. I’ve been totally considering lately staying here over the summer and through the fall semester. It seems way backwards of what would make sense. Not only does Tyler (my sorta missionary) come home in April, but Paul (my way best friend) comes home over the summer as well. If I stay here I’ll totally miss both of them coming home. Plus, my dad has offered me an ideal position at work where I could learn to program in Java and be on the development team and earn $20/hour. I’m not exactly sure how I can turn that down… But I don’t want to leave… I LOVE it here. My ward is amazing, I really feel like I belong here, and it just all feels so right. I know it’s all going to be different over the summer- I’ll probably have different home teachers, Rachel will go home, some of my roommates will leave, the class I TA for won’t be in session, there won’t be YAs… but, I still really think I want to stay here. I know if I stay my bishop will use me in my ward and I like being somewhere that I’m useful rather than just coming home and being the one who throws parties all summer. That’s fun too, but… I don’t know. I’ve decided not to force the decision until about April, but I’m definitely WAY leaning towards staying here.

Tell me your thoughts :)