I had like the best day on Saturday.. just in case anyone was wondering. I didn’t do anything incredibly amazing or anything but it was a blast. In the morning I had DanceSport competition and I danced ChaCha with Justin. I totally screwed up and felt really bad about it but we had a lot of fun anyways. Justin’s a great dancer which makes it so much easier. I definitely think I’m lucky to have him for a partner. After that I had to come back and study for a French test (the last of my three tests and a paper that I had between Friday and Saturday… If you want to know what hell is, I think it’s something like that) My test went fairly well, I ended up with an 80% without the grammar part… and I’m better with the grammar than the literature (kinda dumb for a lit class… but whatever) I went back to my apartment and debated between taking a nap and going shopping. Now, anyone who knows me (which, theoretically you should if you’re reading this… but just in case…) would know that I love sleep, and hate shopping. So the logical choice (especially considering I said it was the best day) would be that I took a nap. However, I talked myself out of the nap and found Rebecca to go pretty dress shopping (searching for a prom dress for Taylor… don’t tell her though it’s a surprise) We did that for a while and then went back to our apartments. That night our ward was having an Academy Awards activity for the films we had made and we got to dress up really fun. So I dressed up in my Senior Ball dress… (I hadn’t realized how much… um… more well endowed… I had become since then. I felt like Elizabeth Swan all night “Well, women in London must have learned not to breathe!”) and went to the awards ceremony which was way fun. Afterwards I got together with Rebecca and Jared (who were technically on a date but welcomed me anyways) and we went over to my apartment to dance (because, we were dressed up and not ready to stop having fun just yet! plus, my apartment was perfect because the girls across the hall had once again borrowed our table) We didn’t get too far into it before I pulled out Wicked and started getting them acquainted with it. However, this was just a stopping point because what we were really planning on doing was going ice blocking with a bunch of people (who had sorta come in and out of our little dance party). So finally we all went and changed out of our nice clothes and into jeans and jackets. We drove over to Macey’s and looked at the ice blocks. They didn’t seem so much like ice blocks as compacted squares of ice shavings… not exactly sturdy enough looking for ice blocking. While we were standing there two of the YAs walked by and said hello, so we stopped and chatted for a little bit. Then Rebecca, Jared and I decided to go to a park and swing on the swings. Unfortunately some people had beat us to it and they were already swinging when we arrived, so we just played on the playground for a while. We wanted to go look at the stars from the grass, so we all laid down on the grass… but there were too many lights. So, we hopped back in Rebecca’s car and drove up to Rock Canyon. We went to a park with a killer hill… so we rolled down it. Then we went to the middle of the soccer field and laid down and looked up at the stars. It was still lighter than would have been ideal but we had a much better view. Then we went back to the Glenwood and played Phase 10 in the hallway. Oop, class is over… so I best go, but yeah… GOOD DAY!!!

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