Tour Quotes

Lexie had some YA tour quotes posted in her Facebook profile. I wanted to post them here and quickly comment on them before I forgot what all of them were.

“San Antonio is dead to me.” – Lexie Auman, after being pooped on by a bird at the San Antonio Riverwalk. She was a lot more upset about it than I think most people would have been. She was literally in tears and the rest of us laughed. Maybe laughing wasn’t the nicest thing to do… but it was a really funny moment. This started a new game on tech crew- the not crying game. Essentially, we were all so surprised that Lexie was the first one to lose it on tour and start crying that we kept track of who cried next. Debbie was, naturally, the next one to lose – her husband was in Arkansas and she was on tour, newlyweds aren’t usually too happy about being kept apart. The rest of us lost together when we watched the new Joseph Smith movie in Nauvoo. That is such a powerful movie that all of us walked out with red eyes. It was a fun game, and a good way to end it :).

“Little Debbie….mmmmm” & “CRRRRAAAZY Debbie’s Fireworks!” -Matthew Schetselaar (and tech crew) Our costumer (whose name is Debbie… as you might have guessed) was the butt of almost all teasing on tech crew. She was an easy target and she took it well. She probably weighs like 10 pounds and at one point someone called her little Debbie. Then Matt realized that was a brand of snack food and added “mmmm”. That of course stuck and was used through the rest of tour. Then as we were driving through Missouri (I think) we saw a big warehouse that had painted on the side “Crazy Debbie’s Fireworks”. We thought it was brilliant and that also stuck. 🙂

“1…2…3…Nina!” -YA countoff. There were 6 people each in charge of making sure that 5 people were on the bus and then those 6 people would count off. Emily never could find Nina, so every day it would be “1..2..3.. NINA?… 4..”

“I thought when I fell in love for the first time it would be with just one person.” – Spencer Harrison (the Guitarist). Spencer made this comment during our final testimony meeting. It had been an awesome tour and he was saying how much he loved all of us. It was just a great quote.

“It’s za mini temple.” -All of the YAs, freaking all of the time (please just shoot me now). Actually it was really “za mini” EVERYTHING. After we went and saw the mini temple in Snowflake Arizona, someone dubbed it “za mini temple” (yes, with an accent), and after that… we had “za mini show”, “za mini tech crew”, “za mini stake center”, “za mini bus”, “za mini theater”, “za mini dinner”, “za mini”,”za mini” AHHH!

I still haven’t posted all that I would like to about tour, but I will sometime soon… I hope. For now though, it’s a good start! Happy Independence Day everybody!

Tell me your thoughts :)