Weird Dreams

So, since Samuel’s been born I’ve been having more weird dreams than ever before. Which isn’t to say that I think my dreams have gotten weirder. I think that since I end up getting my sleep in lots of small chunks instead of one continuous sleep I wake up remembering my dreams more often.

Last night I dreamed that I was taking the final exam for American Heritage. Unfortunately since I haven’t been attending American Heritage I didn’t know the answers to any of the questions. Plus, it meant that I hadn’t known what to bring for the final and didn’t know that a portion of it was open book and so I didn’t have my book either. I couldn’t even come up with reasonable guesses for any of the questions. Somehow everyone else was having a similarly difficult time. And a lot of people were cheating. The teacher was really upset that no one had learned anything all semester (and for some reason my American Heritage teacher was Stephen E. Robinson – my New Testament teacher). Suddenly I realized that I didn’t know why I was taking American Heritage this semester anyways… since I aced it the first time I took it. I still couldn’t convince myself to turn in a test that I hadn’t answered any questions on, even though failing the class wouldn’t affect my GPA since I already had an A on my transcript.

So the real question is, why do I still have nightmares about being unprepared for tests TWO YEARS after finishing college?? Will they ever stop?

One thought on “Weird Dreams

  1. i like whispering too says:

    Now, I am a high school teacher, so that may explain this, but I have dreams I am still in high school. I just had one where I never went to my 1st period math class and every day I was late or would just forget to go, so I was failing and needed to take all the tests to try to pass.

    Why do we have these dreams? 🙂

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