YAs owns my soul

Wow, it’s kinda been awhile hasn’t it? Guess things have just been busy. Sad thing is, even though it’s been busy and I haven’t updated in a while… there’s not much to tell. Lots of classes, and homework and YAs. And in my spare time… more classes, more homework and even more YAs. It’s raining today, so that’s been happy. I love the rain. Young Ambassadors is starting to encroach more and more on my time. Ali and I were looking at my calendar for the rest of the semester and suddenly it’s all YAs or gone. We’re a week and a half from tech week so rehearsals are now a lot of work. Instead of showing up for fifteen minutes and leaving we’re coming in at 2pm for the next two weeks and staying until six. Then a week from Saturday we’re basically there from 8am-5pm running a full rehearsal of the show in the KMB. Then we go into tech week. I’ll be at Spanish Fork High School from the end of classes each day until around 11pm. The following Tuesday will probably be another extended rehearsal as we try to recover from tech week and prepare ourselves to go on tour that Thursday. I’ll be in Idaho through that Sunday morning. Another week goes by fairly uneventful.. but then it’s Thanksgiving and all that entails. Come back from Thanksgiving and I’ll have two weeks till finals. So, basically, Young Ambassadors owns my soul.

I guess that’s all I really have to say right now. Randy asked all of the YAs to read the whole Book of Mormon before November 30th, so I’ve been spending a lot of time reading that. It’s actually been one of the best things I think I’ve ever done. I sooo look forward to the time I have every day to read the Book of Mormon, it’s like my favorite part of everyday. I’m getting soo much out of it and I just feel so much more at peace with myself. It’s been great. Ali and I are getting along well. I still don’t have a roommate (rock!!). I’m finally catching up on my missionary writing. I’m looking at getting a job up here because I probably won’t go home at Christmas time *my family doesn’t love me… ok ok so really they’re just planning on coming up here for Christmas instead* and I won’t survive financially next semester without a job. I’m totally doing well in my classes (which has been super happy). So yeah, once again I guess that’s me in a nutshell (dang I wish I had more to say because computer programming today is just a review of what I did on Monday so I’m kinda bored…)

Tell me your thoughts :)