Well, as you may have figured from my last post… I was kinda tired at the time and less than coherent. So, sorry about all the rambling. My head was spinning and I needed to let it off somewhere.

Anyways, I am so back in Provo!!! I know, like 10 minutes ago I was spending the semester in TO and going to Moorpark College… but yesterday while I was going through all of the stuff with the Glenwood Contract I started re-considering. I worked the numbers again and realized that I could come back to BYU this semester. Yeah, if I’d stayed and worked through the semester I would have saved like $2000, but… spending this semester here is worth that much to me. I’m so much happier to be here. I was able to hook back up with some of my friends from New York today, which was awesome! I’d almost forgotten how much I missed those girls. And my roommates are going to be a blast. So far, there’s only 4 of us in a 6 person apartment, but I’m not complaining. Not even a little bit. I’m almost hoping that it just stays like this, because that would be awesome. Probably unlikely, but a girl can dream right? It’s really weird being here and not seeing Robert though. I wasn’t even sure if I should tell him I was here because of the way things were left yesterday. Not that it was a bad note or anything, we’d just agreed not to talk for a little while. So, I don’t know if it was the right thing to do- seeing as it broke our agreement- but I IMed him tonight to at least let him know that I was here. Earlier today I had decided against telling him because I didn’t want to break the agreement, but then I started walking around campus and doing things. I found that I was almost scared that I would run into him and that it would be weird or that he’d be mad at me for not telling him… it just felt really wrong to not tell him. I guess we’ll see what happens from here. I’m not sure it was the right choice, but the other way didn’t seem right either. I guess it’s just important to me to be totally honest with people, and even though it wouldn’t be technically “dishonest” not to tell him… it didn’t seem like the most honest way to go about things either. *sigh* I don’t know. I guess one way or the other, it’s done now, right? So if he’s mad at me for breaking agreement, then not much I can do now.

Sorry, enough on that. But basically, I just wanted to let everyone know how completely thrilled I am to be here at BYU again. I love everything about it! The atmosphere, the people, the standards! VIVA THE BUBBLE!!!!

Tell me your thoughts :)