In a world where motherhood meets computer programming, you’ll find me – a happy homeschooling mom of five with a penchant for reading great books and sharing great products. Back in the day, my domain used to be TechieChic, inspired by my dual role as a female computer programmer and theater technician. A few years later when I got married, my husband and I decided to blend our domains into the Hai Tech Family. “Hai” from the Chinese last name he received on a mission for our church and “Tech” from our shared tech-savvy world. Creating a playful nod to the fact that we’re not just a family but a Hai Tech Family – as “Hai” sounds like “High” and tech is definitely our way of life. 

As life evolved, so did my domain. Trading in TechieChic for Hai Tech Mama was precipitated by a hacked website, but it also mirrored a shift in focus. No longer as “chic” as I once was (thanks, mom life!), the rebrand felt like a natural evolution. Plus, I’ve embraced my role as a literal chicken mama with six feathery friends in our backyard! You might notice that my logo features my kids in chicken form, strutting their stuff with a touch of humor and a dash of chaos – just like real life! 🐣 (Thanks to Julie Olson for her artistic eye in creating that logo, it’s still one of my favorite things!)

You’ll find a little bit of everything here on my site – from sharing heartfelt insights about my faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to navigating the exciting world of homeschooling with my five amazing kids. Get ready for a tech adventure as I spill the beans on solutions I’ve crafted, sprinkled with a dash of motherhood chaos and wisdom. If you’re on the lookout for savvy product recommendations that have passed the my in-home tests, or craving money-saving tips to make every dollar count, you’re in the right place. For my fellow bookworms, you’ll find lots of book reviews as I explore uplifting and clean reads. 

Hai Tech Mama is my cozy corner of the internet, where faith, family, and a little bit of tech magic come together. Join the journey as we celebrate the beauty in the chaos of everyday life!