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My kids have been having a blast this summer working on the #CampCrunchlabsContest from @crunchlabs . They dusted off our DSLR to make these forced perspective pictures with Legos and other props around the house. It`s definitely making this summer the least boring ever, and I love that they`re doing productive things instead of just rotting on screens. Thanks @markrober !

I revamped my MTH tracker to work for the UFA Scholarship! I`m hoping this will be as helpful to the UFA community as my MTH tracker has been ❤️ #Freebie #UtahHomeschooling #Homeschooling #UtahEducationFitsAll #Scholarship #Budgeting


As we celebrate #MothersDay I want to take a moment to recognize those who might struggle to feel like it is a "Happy" day for any reason. I recently discovered that this blog post that I wrote nearly 10 years ago to address those feelings is my 2nd most read post on my blog! Clearly there are many women out there who struggle with difficult situations on this day. I hope my thoughts help you feel seen, loved & honored ❤️ [link in bio]


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Someone please make parenthood make sense, because I don`t get it!

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Uhm, it`s May. I`m not ok with this. 🌹🌼❄️⛄🥶

I put together a quick and dirty blog post with information that I think will help you appreciate the total solar eclipse more based on my experiences with the eclipse in 2017. https://www.haitechmama.com/solar-eclipse-prep-2024/(clickable link in bio)

#Eclipse2024 #SolarEclipse2024

Our family is doing #GeneralConference on the road today. Started the day with a tour of Carthage Jail – appreciating the sacrifices of those who came before makes me feel even more blessed to be able to listen to the prophet while I comfortably eat snacks in our van.

On Sunday my 5`2" self was privileged to spend an evening acting as bodyguard for a statue of Christ. 💂‍♀️ Not sure I was the best qualified for the job! My experience led me to ponder on my role in my real life as a guard of the Savior. ❤️ I wrote all about it in my blog [link in bio]

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It`s noticing the little things in life that make me happiest! My husband usually works from home, but on the days that he doesn`t I can park right in the middle of our garage and have ALL the space to walk around the van. With 5 kids worth of stuff and 2 cars our garage is a little narrow, you have to shimmy a little to get around the vehicles. I like it better when my husband is home, but if he`s not going to be here I sure like being able to open my van doors ALL the way!

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I was floored when I realized just how completely backwards all of our St. Patrick`s Day celebrations are in the US. If you want to teach your kids a better appreciation for the REAL St. Patrick, or just want to learn a little more about his life and Irish culture for yourself, check out this blog post and FHE lesson that I put together a few years ago [link in bio] https://www.haitechmama.com/st-patricks-day-fhe/

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Anyone else still struggling with the time change? The baby wouldn`t settle down until 1am and the middle schoolers had to be up at 7am today. Of course we also woke up to a decent snow storm and it`s the day of all the driving too. It`s going to be a long one!

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I shared insights from my favorite Oct 2023 #GeneralConference talk – `In the Path of Their Duty` by @DavidABednar – in Relief Society today. Check out my thoughts and let`s discuss! https://www.haitechmama.com/in-the-path-of-their-duty/

Also, one of the sisters in my ward suggested I should make this design into t-shirts, I seriously might do it…

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I have the super obnoxious habit of intentionally calling characters in movies by the names of other characters that the actor plays in different movies. This has been extra fun recently (for me) as my kids are all OBSESSED with the Wonka movie and my husband got me to watch Dune 1 so that we could go see Dune 2 for his birthday… and Timothée Chalamet plays the main character in both movies.

So of course as we`re watching Dune I keep calling out things like "No Willy! Don`t put your hand in that box! It`s going to hurt!" Or while watching Wonka I`ll pump my fist in the air and shout "House Atreides!" While watching Dune I never call Zendaya`s character Chani – she`s only ever "Spiderman`s girlfriend." I keep telling her she`s getting mighty cozy there on Arrakis and that Peter might get a bit jealous if she`s not careful. I really now need to round this out by watching some Spiderman movies so that I can helpfully tell MJ to be a lot more careful in how she uses her water resources.

It`s a good thing my husband is already stuck with me or he`d probably want to break up with me about now 😛

Our family has a BIG road trip coming up and I need help planning it! Our basic route is on the map I`ve posted, but I`m looking for anything fun to do along the way. Anything to break up 54 hours of driving with 5 kids ages 15, 13, 10, 6 & 1 😬

My family has a dumb tradition where if you go to Costco you have to come back to the family chat and declare the total you spent. However, you have to pretend that you only spent that money on what you got at the food court – preferably the $1.50 hot dog combo since we all know that`s the steal of the century.

So I`m just checking in, $93.95 – and we didn`t get ANY hot dogs! Still feeling like I got off easy though 🤷‍♀️

(Also, can we talk about how awesome the Costco sundaes are, especially for the price?! They might be my new favorite treat if I`m out and about)

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My 10-month-old had the best 5 minutes of his life today. There was a pile of plastic hangers on my bed and he methodically took them one at a time and dropped them intentionally on the floor. So much excitement! Gravity is really cool when you`re 10 months old.

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I mean, he`s not wrong 🥓🥓

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I found these two onesies in my 10 month old`s closet and they struck me as a funny juxtaposition.

The "crabby but cute" onesie was one of my favorite things to put on his older brother (now 6yo) because it described him perfectly. We love that kiddo dearly, but he`s always been a little mad. He was colicky as a baby and still to this day is more often angry than happy. We can go out, do something fun specifically for him, he will enjoy it, and all we will hear for days is how upset he is that we aren`t still doing that thing.

On the other hand, as soon as I saw the "happy little guy" onesie I knew I had to pull it out and my baby should wear nothing else until he grows out of it. When we went in for his very first ultrasound around 10 weeks gestation he was waving to us enthusiastically as if to say, "Hi guys! Good to see you! I`m so happy to be here!" Even when he`s upset about something legitimate (hungry, hurt, overtired, dirty bum etc) he will be crying *and* trying to smile at you. His brother is constantly calling him "Happy little (name)" in a little singsong voice because that`s just who he is.

I`m constantly amazed at how these two kiddos who came from the same gene pool, raised in the same household, with every reason to be basically the same – could not be much more different. It`s helpful to me as a mom to show that when my 6yo is mad – it`s not me, it`s just him. I still want to help him and try to show him the bright side of life – but I don`t feel like I have some massive failing as a mother that he can`t see it right off.

It`s also a major testimony builder for me that we obviously existed before we were born. These two are not different because of anything I`ve done, their personalities were set long before they came into this world. My goal as a mom is to help my 5 kids with their very different personalities to become the best versions of themselves. They won`t fit any sort of mold, but they each have divine potential and I want them to channel their unique talents to become whatever incredible people they will be.

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