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My family has a dumb tradition where if you go to Costco you have to come back to the family chat and declare the total you spent. However, you have to pretend that you only spent that money on what you got at the food court – preferably the $1.50 hot dog combo since we all know that`s the steal of the century.

So I`m just checking in, $93.95 – and we didn`t get ANY hot dogs! Still feeling like I got off easy though 🤷‍♀️

(Also, can we talk about how awesome the Costco sundaes are, especially for the price?! They might be my new favorite treat if I`m out and about)

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My 10-month-old had the best 5 minutes of his life today. There was a pile of plastic hangers on my bed and he methodically took them one at a time and dropped them intentionally on the floor. So much excitement! Gravity is really cool when you`re 10 months old.

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I mean, he`s not wrong 🥓🥓

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I found these two onesies in my 10 month old`s closet and they struck me as a funny juxtaposition.

The "crabby but cute" onesie was one of my favorite things to put on his older brother (now 6yo) because it described him perfectly. We love that kiddo dearly, but he`s always been a little mad. He was colicky as a baby and still to this day is more often angry than happy. We can go out, do something fun specifically for him, he will enjoy it, and all we will hear for days is how upset he is that we aren`t still doing that thing.

On the other hand, as soon as I saw the "happy little guy" onesie I knew I had to pull it out and my baby should wear nothing else until he grows out of it. When we went in for his very first ultrasound around 10 weeks gestation he was waving to us enthusiastically as if to say, "Hi guys! Good to see you! I`m so happy to be here!" Even when he`s upset about something legitimate (hungry, hurt, overtired, dirty bum etc) he will be crying *and* trying to smile at you. His brother is constantly calling him "Happy little (name)" in a little singsong voice because that`s just who he is.

I`m constantly amazed at how these two kiddos who came from the same gene pool, raised in the same household, with every reason to be basically the same – could not be much more different. It`s helpful to me as a mom to show that when my 6yo is mad – it`s not me, it`s just him. I still want to help him and try to show him the bright side of life – but I don`t feel like I have some massive failing as a mother that he can`t see it right off.

It`s also a major testimony builder for me that we obviously existed before we were born. These two are not different because of anything I`ve done, their personalities were set long before they came into this world. My goal as a mom is to help my 5 kids with their very different personalities to become the best versions of themselves. They won`t fit any sort of mold, but they each have divine potential and I want them to channel their unique talents to become whatever incredible people they will be.

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I`ve been eyeing these sneakers for a long time. I realized that my feet actually fit in kids` sized shoes and bought some for myself… And now my son has stolen my brand new sneakers that I was so excited about! To be fair, he *had* grown out of his sneakers – but I was so excited to get new shoes for me! [Link in bio]

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It wasn`t exactly a full spread. No decorations or Valentine`s gifts. But a little bit of food coloring and an attempt at heart-ish shaped blobs made my kids feel loved today. What small things are you doing to make your kids feel a little special?

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Tired of the never-ending candy stream? Dive into my stash of (mostly) sweet-free Valentine`s ideas for kids! From mini cereal boxes to bouncy balls and printable designs, discover fun alternatives that won`t leave you in a sugar-coma! #Valentines #free [link in bio]


Anyone else having a fun time with bedtime?#ParentingLife #BedtimeStruggles #MomLife

While listening to last week`s @followhimpodcast I was struck with the concept of not only being asked to leave Babylon, but sometimes we`re asked to leave Bountiful too. 🌴🚢 That`s a much harder sacrifice. I expound more on what that might mean in our lives today and ways I`ve seen this in my life on my blog [link in bio]


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My son asked a profound question as we were watching a video of the Tree of Life – "Why do they only take one bite?" I put together my thoughts on how we can more fully partake of the love of God in our lives in my latest post. #ComeFollowMe #TreeOfLife

https://www.haitechmama.com/feasting-on-the-tree-of-life/ [clickable link in bio 😊]

I was doing more blog clean up and found this post about Nephi & his brothers attempts to get the plates and their experiences with faithfully failing. Since we`re discussing that story this week in Come Follow Me it seemed time to re-share it [link in bio]. What experiences have you had with faithful failure? #ComeFollowMe #Nephi #Faith #Failure

I might have better tools in my office, and my bedroom may need more work to get it put together. But there`s no better place to be working than snuggled up in a cozy bed next to a sleeping baby bum on a snowy day. ❄️♥️

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First egg from my new chickens! Back in July we got 5 new chicks to replace the two hens that we had lost #ChickenMath but they hadn`t matured enough to start laying before we had too little daylight. (Chickens need a certain amount of daylight to lay eggs – I had no idea before having my own flock!). Well today I went out to refill our chickens` feed and found this little blue egg! Those hens are going to earn their keep yet!

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I`m working on pulling in content that I originally shared on Facebook into my blog. This post caused me a lot of reflection about what I expect of both myself and my husband as we split the work in our home. How do you split your household duties?


Today, I attended a baby shower for a first time mama. It gave me to reflect as a mom of 5 what the advice I`d now give to new moms. I decided that the most important thing to share is my secret that works 100% every time with every baby. That seems like it`d be worth sharing right? Do you want to know my secret trick to motherhood? It`s a bit like Kung Fu Panda`s secret ingredient soup revelation – the secret ingredient is… there is no secret ingredient. Sorry, for the let down but it`s true. After having 5 kids I can tell you that there`s no one single thing that works every time for every child except loving them.

Every kid is completely unique from every other child that`s ever graced this earth, and yes, even different from their own siblings! Trust me, my 5 are as diverse as can be. Your friend might have the best advice for how to get your baby to sleep through the night. But guess what? It might not work for you. That`s okay! There are as many ways to be a good parent as there are children to parent. By all means, listen to the podcasts, read the books and try things out! There`s a lot of amazing wisdom out there and hopefully you find the right answers for you! But the only thing that really matters is if what you`re doing works for your child and your family. Listen to your child, love them like only you can and you`ll figure it out. You`ve got this! 💪

What`s your best advice for new mamas? 👶

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Our book club has a tradition of a "favorite things" gift exchange. I decided to put together some of my favorites in a post to hopefully inspire you in a blog post [link in bio]. What is your favorite thing to share with others that`s under $20?

I just shared a new blog post about an experience we had last week. Amidst the dust and disarray of our home renovations, I found myself saying `yes` to hosting missionaries for dinner.

What unfolded was a day filled with chaos, last-minute cooking, and a dash of divine intervention. 🕒 It was a reminder that sometimes, in the midst of our messiest moments, we find the most profound lessons and unexpected joys.

📖 Read the full story on my blog [Link in bio]

I`d love to hear your thoughts and your own stories of finding beauty in chaos. Share them in the comments! 👇

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Who does Elf on the Shelf? Not me! Kudos to you mamas out there who are willing to make a little more magic for your kids at Christmas. I feel like I don`t have one bit of extra bandwidth during this season for it! One of my kids asked me once why we don`t have an elf and I might have accidentally told him that Santa already knew that our kids were good so he didn`t have to send out an elf to spy on them. Oops… that might have implied less nice things about the neighbors` kids who have an elf – sorry neighbors! But I love to see the antics y`all come up with! Show me your favorite Elf on the Shelf set ups – whether it`s yours or someone else`s creation!