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In Relief Society we were talking about the Creation on Sunday.  I had a thought that I wanted to share.  At the end of each day God surveys his works and declares them good.  I think that’s a good pattern for how we should live our days.  At the end of the day we should think through the things we’ve done and see if we can declare them “good”.  We don’t have to have done something spectacular like separate the land from the seas or create all the animals, just if the things that we are doing in our sphere can be considered good.  Are you doing the things that would make you the kind of person you would like to become?  Are you proud of the way you treated those you came across?  Are you taking care of the things within your stewardship?  I think it gives us the opportunity to find ways to improve ourselves each day and to realize where we are headed.

So, when you’re going to bed tonight think – what have I done today?  Have I done good?

(and no Taylor, that’s not a grammatical error.  I want to know if you have done good (things), not whether you were well today 😉 )