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Over the last few days I’ve been reading in our New Testament reader to Sam about the last week of our Savior’s life, His atonement and resurrection.  It has given me a chance to ponder on these events for myself and think again about what Christ’s life means to me. I had one quick thought that I wanted to share.

The thing that struck me was that as Christ was on the cross he said “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do“.  I’ve read that a million times but this time what stuck out to me was not just that Christ forgave the very people who were killing Him, but that He did so while they were in the very act of doing so.  He didn’t wait for them to realize what they’d done wrong, or to feel any remorse.  They had beaten and humiliated Him, cast lots on His clothes and nailed Him to a cross, and while they were yet reviling Him and watching Him suffer and die – He forgave them.  It made me think once again that I have zero right to withhold my forgiveness from anyone.  “… The Son of Man hath descended below it all, art thou greater than He?

I know that Christ loves us.  He suffered for our sins and sorrows.  He died on the cross and rose again on the third day.  I know He lives, and because He lives again I will be able to live again after this life too.  I am forever grateful for this knowledge and love our Savior.  I would invite everyone to view the video above.  It’s just 7 minutes long and depicts the final week of Christ’s life and His resurrection.  Just take a moment to think about what His sacrifice means to you and how you can be a better disciple of Christ.  Happy Easter 🙂