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This will be a pretty short post, but I wanted to share this.  I’m pretty picky about formatting and paper.  Mostly, I don’t believe in paper and like to avoid using it whenever possible.  But when I do actually print things out I like them to fit nicely on a single piece of paper.  So, last year I found these lesson schedules on Sugardoodle that were AWESOME.  The lady who had put them together had obviously spent a lot of time getting all the information in there.  However, they didn’t fit on a single page, so I spent considerable time to make it fit on a single page (like I told you – picky).  After taking all that effort to get those schedules formatted just so I wanted them to be usable for more than one year!  So, even though it was totally not going to benefit me personally, I spent a couple hours yesterday morning updating the documents with the dates for next year and the different manuals that are associated with them.  Obviously they will have to be adjusted to fit each ward’s individual schedule for stake conferences or primary program practices, but I think this should give you a good start.  Oh, and for the older classes the names of the lessons are linked to the actual lessons on  So if you want to just upload the schedule to a Google Document and share that with your teachers they can just click to get to the manual instead of having to look up the lessons.  Hopefully that’s helpful to someone.