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So I’m thinking of starting a project for a Christmas present for Daniel.  I want to make him a quiet book for church.  I’m thinking though to keep the project a little bit easier I would see if anyone else wanted to do it with me.  If you’re interested here’s how I’m thinking it would work –

Each person will make two pages.  I’ll buy fabric for each person’s pages this week and get it cut to the right dimensions and distributed to whoever is interested.  Then each person duplicates their pages 16 times (assuming there are 16 people who want to participate) and returns their completed pages to me.  I will then redistribute the pages so that each person gets 16 full spread pages, or 32 pages for their quiet book!  Then all you need to do is sew a cover for your book, sew the pages together and sew the pages into it and you’re done!

I’ve even already found a bunch of great ideas for quiet book pages so you don’t have to come up with your own ideas, just make some pages! Here are some of the ideas I’ve found –

If I get enough people who are interested by this weekend then I can get the flannel while it’s on sale and it would only cost each person <$5 for the pages themselves plus whatever you spend on buttons, felt pieces etc to finish off your pages.  Ideally I think I’d like to find 16 people who are interested since that makes the fabric buying easy.  Here’s the guidelines I’ve come up with (although I’m open to suggestions depending on what people would like to do):

  • Each person will get page spreads that are 10.5″x16″ to work with, please make your page spread include two separate pages that don’t need to be facing one another (i.e. You will need to split up your spread into two 10.5″x 8″ pages, but those pages might be pages 1 and 32, or 7 and 25 depending on how the pages get sewn together)
  • Leave at least a 1 inch margin in the center of the spread (dividing the pages) to ensure enough space to sew the pages together and onto the cover
  • Leave at least 1/2 inch on the edges of your pages to allow space for binding
  • All pages should be returned to me for assembly no later than December 1st
  • Each page should have some sort of interactive element – i.e. buttons, snaps, velcro, shoelaces etc.
  • Ideally it’d be nice if each page was gospel themed in some way.  It doesn’t have to be real specific, but like there was one page I saw that had roads and a car, if the destination was like from home to church or the temple that’d be nice, or even something simple like adding the words “I’m grateful for seasons” on the top of a seasons page.  I figure these will mostly be used at church so keeping a gospel theme would be nice 🙂
  • Each person will be responsible for making their own cover so feel free to do whatever you’d like!
If you’re interested just leave a comment.  So far there’s at least two people planning on participating (my sister Taylor already said she wanted in).  If you even know what you want to do for your pages then post that too (I want to make sure we don’t end up with duplicate pages!).  Also, if you want a different color flannel for the background of your pages then go to this page and tell me which of those colors you’d like to use, otherwise I’ll just plan on getting something basic like white or cream, or maybe black or brown for the pages (let me know if you have an opinion on that too!)  Any other questions, comments, suggestions – leave them below!