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So it’s been awhile since I posted a High/Low and highs and lows seem to be describing my day today so, here we go…

High: This morning Sam woke up early (as usual) and we came downstairs.  After awhile I left him watching some Sid the Science Kid so that I could go take a quick shower while Danny was still sleeping.  Just before I jumped in the shower I saw Danny sleeping peacefully in bed with Eric.  When I got out, Danny was gone.  I go downstairs to find that he’d gotten himself out of bed, crawled down the stairs and was happily playing with his big brother.  I love my two little boys!

Low: Sam spent the rest of the morning terrorizing Daniel until I was about ready to throw him out the window.  Seriously, why can’t he just let his brother be?!?!

High: Some of the girls in our neighborhood have put together “Monday Madness” where one person organizes a playgroup activity and we all go to a park, or the splash pad or hang out in someone’s backyard for an afternoon.  It’s a great way for us to get out of the house and enjoy being with some other people.  Today we went to the pool in our neighborhood which is always fun.

Low: When we got there we were informed that Sam wouldn’t be allowed in the pool because he wasn’t wearing a swim diaper, and despite being potty trained, he is 3 and all kids 3 and younger must wear swim diapers.  I had to call Eric to bring up the swim diapers for us.

High: When we were packing up to go I realized that we didn’t have our little swimming boats that the boys use at the pool.  When I checked up at the Community Center I found that they were still there in their Lost and Found.

Low: Daniel didn’t want to stay in the little boats and insisted instead on running around in the shallow end and flopping himself underwater every few seconds.  Seriously, nothing I could do would convince the kid that he would rather be above the water than below it.  I got him and Sam in their boats for a little while and we did the lazy river a few times but Danny was getting mad (he hadn’t taken a nap this morning).  So, I pulled him out of his boat and was trying to carry him around and settle him down in the pool.  Sam then wanted to trade boats so I put him in Danny’s boat.  While we were walking around in the shallow end I was paying attention to Danny in my arms and trying to help him go to sleep and suddenly the lifeguard jumps into the pool and grabs Sam.  In the maybe 10 seconds (I don’t think I’m exaggerating at all, I really hadn’t hardly let go of the boat) that I wasn’t actively watching Sam he had managed to flip the boat upside down and was trapped underwater.  I felt like the worst mom ever.  I don’t think Sam would have really drowned, I really was keeping an eye on him, he just must have flipped that boat over so fast that I didn’t see it.  Better yet, all the moms in the neighborhood were there so they all know what a terrible mom I am.  #momfail

High: Both boys came home and fell fast asleep right away so that I could write this blog post.

This next set didn’t happen today but while I’m thinking about it I thought I’d write it.

High: While we were in California last month Eric and I decided to take a little one night getaway and go down to Long Beach to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.

Low: Eric got roped into lots of work stuff that day and we didn’t get out of the house until after 5pm, meaning major rush hour and it was going to take forever for us to get to Long Beach.

High: We decided to stop before hopping on the freeway and go to The Cheesecake Factory that’s all of 5 minutes from my parents’ house.  Despite the massive amount of people waiting in and around the restaurant and us not having a reservation they were able to seat us right away and we enjoyed a great meal.  We took some cheesecake back to my family before we left and stopped quickly to go to the bathroom and grab some benadryl & sudafed (my allergies were making me miserable).  The delay made it so we were able to get to Long Beach in pretty decent time and we had a nice night together, got to sleep in, no babies kicking us and even got a late check out.  We had considered staying an extra night since we hadn’t left as early as planned on Friday but after a much needed good night’s rest we were feeling pretty good about life and decided to just head back to my parents’ place as planned.  We decided after check out to go to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch before heading back.

Low: When we drove over to the CPK we found out that we were only a few hundred yards from our hotel and they only had paid parking.  We would have been better off leaving our car at the hotel and walking over and back.  But it was too late at that point so we paid for 1.5 hours of parking and went to CPK.  We thought that would be more than ample but the waitress took so long bringing us our check that we were a little bit over that estimate by the time we got out.  We got to our car to find a parking ticket, apparently we’d only been given 1 hour worth of parking, despite our being sure we’d decided to get an hour and a half.  Boo, parking tickets are the worst.  We would have contested it, but you can only do so in person and since we live in UT, it wasn’t exactly reasonable to do so.  We couldn’t figure out how to pay online and our checkbook was at home so Eric stuck it in his laptop bag to pay it when we got back.  He pulled it out today to discover that it still hadn’t been paid and now the fine is $150!  Most. Expensive. Pizza. Ever.  Seriously, it would have been cheaper for us to have just stayed in the hotel that extra night than to go out for pizza.  We took home leftovers and they somehow disappeared and we didn’t even get to finish off that super expensive pizza.  Boo.

High: Our boys, who are often very clingy and only like us, did VERY well staying overnight with my parents (and my maternal Grandmother and Step-Grandfather).  Daniel ate solid foods fantastically (which he will NOT do in my presence, he thinks that if I’m around he should be nursed, always).  They had a fun night and we enjoyed a little bit of R&R without them.  We had a great trip overall.  I need to really write a blog post about the whole thing, but it hasn’t made the priority list yet.  Until then you’ll just have to know that it was a lot more highs than lows, despite what this post might make it seem!