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I should have posted this month ago, but I didn’t quite know how to get people prepared. Right now I have traveled thousands of miles to get my family in the path of totality for today’s solar eclipse. We were able to go to Rexburg Idaho for the eclipse in 2017 and it was so breathtakingly amazing that we literally planned this trip on our way home. We knew this was something that we absolutely did not want to miss.

I will try to get video during the eclipse that I will share on my pages but before that happened I thought it might be helpful for some people to see some of the videos and resources that helped me before our first eclipse to really appreciate all of what happened then and will happen again today.

I apologize that this post is a little bit quick and dirty but hopefully the resources still help some people.

First, if you do nothing else download this app and it will help you to know exactly what you’re looking for and when. It costs $2 but it will absolutely be worth both of those dollars.

I would also recommend watching as many of these videos that I will post below as you can. They’ll help you understand some of the phenomena that you are going to see so that you appreciate them when they come up.

This has a bunch of videos, any of them are worth your time

Also if you have little kids I recommend making a barrier around their glasses with a paper plate like we did –

Finally, this is the post my brother-in-law shared after the last eclipse – .  The family that they hosted was mine and the nephew he quotes was my oldest.  He said what I experienced so much better than I could express it at the time.

We’ve been watching the weather all week and nervous about cloud cover.  We’ve been praying for clear skies.  Right now our skies look like this –

I saw that out our window and immediately sang in my mind, “I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world, yes I know Heavenly Father loves me” ❤️

Happy Eclipse Day everyone!