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As 2009 is now over I think it’s time to see how I did on my New Year’s Resolutions this year. So here’s my reporting –

Brittny’s Resolutions for 2009

  1. I will learn to balance motherhood, being a wife and working. Definitely still an ongoing goal, but I do feel like I’m getting better at this all the time. I still often get overwhelmed with all that I’m trying to accomplish, but it’s getting better.
  2. I will make it to the temple once a month. That would have been nice… I did try to make it as often as I could and I think we at least made it once each quarter of the year, but the once a month thing just didn’t happen with a new baby and crazy schedules.
  3. I will complete my visiting teaching monthly. Sadly I didn’t do too well at this one either. Although, I didn’t have an assignment August – October, and I did at least go drop off treats to all my girls in November. I don’t think I missed a month though from January – August, so I guess it was really just this last month that I missed
  4. I will feed our family more nutritious meals. This definitely did seem to improve during the year. It helped not having to commute every day. It’s also helped as I’ve been working at planning out our meals at the beginning of each week so that I don’t just opt for Pasta Roni or quesadillas every night 🙂
  5. I will exercise at least twice a week. HAHAHA! Yeah, not by a long shot. I do have a gym membership now… but I think it’s been used about 3 times since I got it. Which isn’t to say that I sit around all day. In fact, I now weigh less than I did in high school thanks to nursing and carrying/chasing a baby all over. I would like to get real exercise in though.
  6. I will do better with my daily scripture study. We’ve definitely gotten better at making sure scripture study is a more consistent part of each day, but it could still use some improvement.
  7. I will do better about having personal morning and evening prayer as well as praying with my husband each night. Better – yes. Long way still to go – yes.
  8. I will memorize 10 scriptures. Ummm, no. Dangit. I need to come up with a good way to put some scriptures somewhere that I can focus on them to memorize them.
  9. I will add 5 new meals to our family’s repertoire of meal plans. I think this one I actually did! I’ve added a new fettucinne alfredo recipe to our list (SO good), Jeanine Eyre Bee’s meatloaf recipe, slow cooker chicken and dumplings, baked barbeque chicken and baked macaroni and cheese! That’s not a comprehensive list, but it does go to show that I did at least add as many as I set out to add. Yay! This has been a fun goal to work on and I’ve really learned to enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes this year.
  10. I will read 5 novels. I got an Audible subscription this year which definitely helped with this goal. I read Sarah by Orson Scott Card, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (and the sequel Catching Fire), The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (sorry, no link. This book had parts that were a little more explicit than I feel good about recommending to people), A Series of Unfortunate Events #1 – A Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Looks like I was cutting it close on that goal! I read a lot of other books this year, but my goal was specifically for novels and I believe these were the only novels I read.

So overall not too bad. Definitely still room for improvement but I’m happy with the things I did accomplish over this past year. Stay tuned for my new resolutions for 2010!