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I already posted my report on my resolutions from last year but I haven’t yet posted my new resolutions for 2010! I want to make these more quantifiable than last year’s goals because I felt so good about being able to check those ones off, and the more abstract goals just made me feel sad that I wasn’t perfect at them (which, let’s face it, I never will be perfect in this life so why mope about it?) So without further ado…

Brittny’s Resolutions for 2010

  1. I will make it to the temple once a month. Not a new goal, but still a good one
  2. I will complete my visiting teaching monthly. Another un-original but important goal.
  3. I will exercise at least twice a week. This is going to require me to either get Eric to watch Sam a couple night’s a week or go to the gym before they are up for the day, or not worry so much about leaving Sam in the daycare at Gold’s Gym. I’ll give myself a bye for this past week since Sam was sick, but it’s time for me to step it up!
  4. I will memorize 10 scriptures. This is a goal I set just about every year and I don’t think I’ve ever actually done it. I think I’ll put picking out these scriptures on my list of things to do for this week.
  5. Get a blog post up weekly. That’s not necessarily a goal for this blog. Hopefully most of my posts will be up in our family blog, but I will count posts here or in my family’s highs and lows blog.
  6. Learn 25 new Chinese words. For each word I want to learn how to recognize the symbol, pronounce the word (with the correct tone) and be able to identify it in a sentence. Obviously if we move to China this year I will have to increase this goal exponentially, but hopefully this will give me a good start.
  7. Set up a budget and stick to it. I’m setting myself up with and I’m LOVING it. I want to set us up with a reasonable but frugal budget and stick with it. We’ve been blessed to have good steady employment and neither of us are spendy people which I’m very grateful for. However, I want to make sure we’re using our money wisely and working towards saving money for later. I really like using because they make it super easy to do this (I highly recommend it to anyone else who’s looking for a good way to track their money).
  8. Our condo is cleaned up acceptable for company at least once a week. I gave Eric the task of selecting one goal for me and this is the one he picked. It was a perfect pick too. Reasonable, quantifiable and will make our lives much better. Thanks Eric!
  9. I will read through the entire Old Testament. I love the scriptures but I still don’t feel I’m super familiar with the Old Testament. Since this is the course of study this year for Sunday School anyways I think this will help me to be more prepared for Sunday School each week and to gain a greater appreciation for the Old Testament.
  10. Arrange at least one social interaction for Sam each week. I worry that Sam and I are becoming too isolated. We can go an entire week without seeing anyone other than Eric and my sister and brother-in-law. Many weeks the only time we get out of the house is to go to church. Hopefully this will help Sam overcome his stranger anxiety and help us both feel less isolated. Of course I will suspend this goal if Sam is sick. Isolation is a fair price to pay to keep other kids from getting sick!

I feel good about these goals. Even if I don’t achieve all of them I feel like the pursuit of them will help me be a better person. And now you are all out there to hold me accountable for them! Ideally I’ll post each week to see how my progress is going, but realistically… I’ll probably post about them again in 2011 😛 Here’s to 2010!