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I went through this morning and wrote a quick list of all of the things I wanted to post for all the days between the 1st and the 9th.  But I wanted to start by making sure I got today’s post up first and then I can go back and fill in the cracks.

Today we were all home sick.  Danny got a stomach bug that had him throwing up on Wednesday night.  This made me wary enough that I decided that while I was at the grocery store yesterday I would stock up on Powerade, lemon-lime soda  and grape juice.  Sure enough, last night as Eric was getting ready to come home both of us were feeling the beginning effects of the bug.  Eric was luckily able to make it home – although he considered just crashing on the couches at work because he was feeling iffy about driving back.  Eric was up with it all night and I was only just *really* starting to feel the full blown effects this morning.  So, after a day of being sick, here are the things I’m grateful for –

  • My sweet neighbor who, without asking or being asked, brought us over soup and bread for dinner, along with some sweet rolls for the morning.  She’d just seen that I posted on facebook that we were home sick and she jumped up and decided to do something.  Mind you, this isn’t someone who has nothing else to do, she’s home alone with her three little girls while her husband has been deployed for the last year or so.  I was so touched that she would think of us and go out of her way to do something so kind.  I need to be more like that, not waiting around until someone asks me to do something, but just go out and do it!  The soup was wonderful, just about the perfect thing after a day of being sick, especially when it’s snowy outside.  I live in the most wonderful neighborhood, hands down.
  • My wonderful Eric who, after only just getting to bed himself around 6am, woke up at 7am to take care of Danny while the flu was really beating me up this morning.  Then again this afternoon when I was going through another bad bout.  Even though he wasn’t feeling great either he took care of our boys so I could lay down and play dead  for a few hours.  Again, what a great example to me.
  • Eric’s tablet and old cell phone that kept our boys happily entertained for HOURS today while we weren’t feeling well.
  • Powerade and lemon-lime soda, especially that we had lots on hand.
  • That, despite the crazy wind/hail/snow storm we had last night Danny slept remarkably well.  It would have been very understandable for him to have awoken to all the noise outside but he didn’t, and because he didn’t I got semi-decent rest last night so I wasn’t entirely out of commission today
  • A warm house.  As I listened to the storm raging outside I was so grateful to live in a  house where I didn’t feel a bit of the wind or snow.  Aside from the sound of the wind and the revving up of our heater I could have been completely ignorant of the storm around me.  What a wonderful blessing it is to be so safe from the elements.
  • That so far *knock on wood* Sam hasn’t had this nasty bug.  Here’s hoping that he can be spared from it!  But if nothing else, at least all four of us weren’t down and out at the same time.  Danny first (giving me warning to prepare), Eric and I together (but able to take turns caring for the boys), and Sam possibly not at all!  Even if he does get it though, I’ll be able to give him my full attention and care while he’s sick.
  • Finally – that we’re all feeling better!  Not 100% but the worst of the bug has definitely passed and we’re on the mend.  I’m grateful for strong, healthy bodies that can fight off diseases without being too much the worse for the wear.