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Prophets and General Conference FHE

So, after I finally finished last week’s lesson for this week… I decided I wanted to do something else for FHE tonight 😛  General Conference is coming up this weekend and I wanted to talk to my sons about that to get them prepared. So I started on it this morning and came up with what I wanted to tell them and some visual aids to go along with it.  It’s not as awesome as I would like, but for having decided that I wanted to do this earlier this morning and working with toddlers underfoot – it’s pretty darn ok 🙂   You can see a copy of the visual aids I created above.  The clip art I used is from a few different sources so it doesn’t match perfectly, but it was good enough for my purposes.  Maybe some day I’ll get everything in it that I want.  I’m also planning on using a picture of the quorum of the twelve apostles and the first presidency with this lesson if I can get my husband to pick them up on his way home.  Hope someone else’s family enjoys this too!

Prophets & General Conference Lesson Outline

Prophets Visuals – Reversed for Flannel Board

Prophet Visuals

Update: For my own family I made this lesson into a PowerPoint Presentation (because that’s just how I roll).  Anyways, if anyone else would like to use that I’ve included it here – Prophets & General Conference Slideshow.  I like this format personally because it has all the text of the lesson on the screen so you can pretty much just read from the screen, and have the visuals display as you go.  It also makes the prophets matching game a little more interactive.

Image Credits:

Noah and Ark from The Friend, November 2011

Nephi, Brass Plates, Moses, 10 Commandments, Samuel the Lamanite, star and manger from Chocolate on My Cranium

Daniel & Lions from Sugardoodle

President Monson speaking at Conference from (General Conference Coloring Book)

Joseph Smith’s First Vision from (Church History Coloring Book)

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  1. 1RadDad says:

    LOOK OUT LIONS!!!!!!!! Daniel is going to drop on you.

    1. That’s how he kept from being eaten. He was able to just pull a pile driver and the lions ran into the other corner of the den scared of Daniel until the King let him back out 😉

  2. DeLaina Tonks says:

    Wow – this will be perfect to keep the kiddos busy during conference this weekend! Thank you!

  3. Danielle says:

    Toria was excited to learn about prophets for our mother daughter devotional this afternoon (we kind of fudged the formal FHE last night and made the lesson the beginning of bedtime.) Thanks Brittny!

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