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Saying Sorry FHE

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to this article called A Better Way to Say Sorry.  With a two year old and a five year old at home apologizing is something that I find we are doing FREQUENTLY, so I decided to read the article.  It was simple, but brilliant!  Her intro – […]

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Respecting Our Bodies FHE

Lately we’ve been having issues in our family with respecting other people’s personal space and being kind to others.  So I decided we needed to have an FHE lesson on respecting our bodies and other people’s bodies.  I looked around the internet and didn’t find anything that quite fit what I was looking for so […]

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Home Dedication FHE

If you don’t want to read through my whole explanation of how this FHE lesson came to be, or my personal suggestions for making this a little more special feel free to click here to skip to where you can download the lesson outline and PowerPoint.  I won’t be offended.  Ok, well I might be offended, […]

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Easter FHE

For Christmas this last year I put together 12 FHE lessons for my little sister’s family.  I put together a lesson plan for each month with visual aids, recommended opening/closing hymns, an activity and a recommended treat (I couldn’t exactly put together 12 months of treats and hope they’d still be good at the end […]

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Prophets and General Conference FHE

So, after I finally finished last week’s lesson for this week… I decided I wanted to do something else for FHE tonight 😛  General Conference is coming up this weekend and I wanted to talk to my sons about that to get them prepared. So I started on it this morning and came up with […]

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