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Lately we’ve been having issues in our family with respecting other people’s personal space and being kind to others.  So I decided we needed to have an FHE lesson on respecting our bodies and other people’s bodies.  I looked around the internet and didn’t find anything that quite fit what I was looking for so I decided to make my own.  I decided to play to my strengths this time and make a Power Point presentation instead of flannel board cut outs.

As part of our lesson we made gingerbread men and decorated them.  After the boys had decorated their cookies I took the rest of the frosting and just squiggled it all over the other cookies so they’d be edible. Sam came up to the counter and said, “Wow Mom, you’re quite the artist!”

I guess I’ve raised kids with pretty low artistic standards.  Anyways, here’s the outline and power point.  Hopefully someone else enjoys them as much as we did 🙂