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easter visuals

So for Christmas this last year I put together 12 FHE lessons for my little sister’s family.  I put together a lesson plan for each month with visual aids, recommended opening/closing hymns, an activity and a recommended treat (I couldn’t exactly put together 12 months of treats and hope they’d still be good at the end of the year).  The idea was that she could pull out the lesson 5 minutes before FHE and be all ready to go (especially if she does like us and just goes with Oreos for her FHE treat).  I had meant to post all of those lessons after I gave her the present, but it hasn’t happened yet.  However, as I was getting ready to do the Easter lesson for tonight I thought it might be good to share what I put together with anyone who might be interested.

So, my favorite resource in putting together these FHE lessons was A Year of FHE – she puts together the most well thought out lessons that are just easy to do, spiritual and geared to kids.  For my Easter lesson I decided to use her lesson plan called Jesus is Resurrected.  I made some modifications to her lesson plan for my use.  She uses the Gospel Art Kit a lot, which is great, but my kids tend to like the flannel board style lessons better.  So, using her lesson plan I put together some visual aids that were more kid-friendly.  She also has her lessons organized on a month-by-month basis and has her recommended closing song be a song that the family is practicing for the whole month, and I wanted to pick something that associated with the lesson instead.  I also found an idea for a treat that I wanted to add into my own lesson.  Finally, because I’m a dork about things like formatting, I always want my lesson plans to fit on one piece of paper, or one piece double-sided at least, so I copied her lesson into Word and rearranged things so that I was happy with it.

Anyways, I’m not going to post my version of the lesson plan here because I feel like I did too much copying for it to be fair use.  I might contact the sister that runs the Year of FHE website and see if she would mind me re-posting it here, but in the mean time if you’d like the Brittny-approved copy leave me a comment with your email address or shoot me an email asking for it – my email address is my first name {at} byu {dot} net and promise me you’ll click over to her site and say a big thank you for the lesson plan.  Otherwise, her lesson plan is awesome and if you want my treat idea it’s these Resurrection rolls that were floating around Pinterest like crazy a few months ago.

The visuals I put together are what you see at the beginning of this post.  I got the colored in images of Christ and the tomb etc. from Chocolate on my Cranium and the other images were from Microsoft publisher.  Nothing too fancy, but it would save you the hassle of trying to gather all the items from around your house/yard.  I’ve uploaded a regular pdf copy here or a reversed copy here (so you can print it on an iron on transfer for a flannel board).

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